Valtorta VAL:B 3 Curtain Coater.gif

Curtain coater in execution suitable for completely automatic lacquering lines with vertical dryers or multi-daylight dryers. It is fitted up with infeed double track belt conveyor and three speeds conveying system. The machine is available with  with one or  two removable coating units.

The heads are available in two executions:
Pressure head : it generates the curtain by pressing the lacquer through two stainless steel blades. The head has been technically studied to obtain an unalterable parallelism of the blades and thus a perfect thickness adjustment of the curtain on the whole width.
Gravity head: simple to use, with no maintenance. This head works by gravity and the quantity of lacquer applied is determined by the opening generated by a steel eccentric roller.

Advantages: – high precision curtain coating heads, available in pressure or gravity version, also in stainless steel execution for water-borne lacquers.- curtain coating units removeable from the machine to ease cleaning operations – wide choice of machine lengths to be selected according to the workpiece batches to be processed in the line. – three speeds control for the conveying system to optimize the control of the batches in line, with control of the loading speed, curtain coating speed and unloading speed. – pump system, filter and lacquer collection tank studied in a way to avoid the generation of air bubbles in the lacquer. – Stainless steel lacquer tank with double housing , ready for the intallation of a lacquer heating or cooling system. – Stainless steel Cuno filter for continuous filtration of the lacquer flow.


Tech Specs