Triulzi SY.1310.6.3.4.gif
  • Working width from 660 to 3400 mm
  • Strong welded construction
  • Beams support rollers, collection tank and parts at contact with water are made of stainless steel,
    bolts and nuts, pipes, pump, filters included
  • Stainless steel tray removal for glass scrap recovery
  • Rubberized vulcanized and rectified conveyor rollers
  • Upper prewashing
  • Washing by 4 cylindrical brushes (2 + 2)
  • Drying by 4 blowers (2 + 2)
  • High pressure fan placed in a sound-proof acoustic enclosure
  • Sound pressure level within the standards
  • Inverter for conveyor rollers rotation drive with digital display for speed
  • Electrical equipment and control panel in accordance to current standards
  • Frame and drying section guards made of steel oven painted
  • Standard colour: light grey
  • Conformity to the normative Europeans and international

Tech Specs