Quad Robot


The Quadrobot is a vertical assembly device for inserting the glazing grids into the spacer frames. With the Quadrobot, glazing bar assembly is state of the art: fully automated fastening, unrivalled speed and absolute accuracy.

Our fastening technique provides the most stable edge connection for glazing grids available. Up to 1000 automatically controlled connections/hour streamlines not only the glazing bar assembly but also drastically reduces the customer complaint ratio.


  • The “non plus ultra” in glazing bar connection technology

  • Vertical automatic fastening device for practically all glazing bar systems

  • No set-up time for changing glazing bars or spacer frames

  • Maximum precision and stability

  • Dimensional deviations of spacer bars remain unaffected

  • More than 1000 individual connections per hour

  • Easy handling

  • Data transfer from the glazing bar calculation programme

  • All right angle connections possible

  • Screw hopper for 20,000 screws

  • Also suitable for all decorative glazing bar systems

  • Optionally equipped with heating for Swiss-Spacer