Superfici was born in the field of wood painting Surfaces have over the years developed specific skills in the manufacture of paint systems for glass, plastic, metal or composite materials as well.
The range of products includes full automatic or robotized spray lines with vertical, linear and UV dryers, complete lines of roller coat, panel printing lines and paint finishing equipment and three-dimensional pieces.

The production site, located in Monza, Italy, guarantees high production standards and maximum efficiency to protect high international competitiveness. Always oriented towards international markets, Surfaces exports around the world, relying on direct subsidiaries and resellers and competent agents, with whom it has established long-standing relationships of mutual collaboration and esteem.


Counter-Flow Dryer

Flat Dyer IDRO

Valtorta VAL/B 3 Curtain Coater

Supernova GLS
(Roller Coater)

GLS 1300 Line (Sprayer)