Frame Welding

Due to its modular structure, the Roweldo welding robot series can provide tailored solutions for the production of welded Swisspacer warm edge frames. Choosing the appropriate machine type is based on the quantity of spacers produced daily. You can decide between the Roweldo S with 1 head welding, Roweldo M with 2-head welding and the fully automatic 4-head welding solution Roweldo XL, each providing a tailor-made solution.

Roweldo XL

The Roweldo XL is a revolutionary concept for manufacturing spacer frames from Swissspacer profiles. The machine welds the milled mitre profiles to a dimensionally stable and sturdy frame with excellent corner qualities. The cycle times for a 900 x 900mm frame is under 30 seconds.

  • Frame welding machine for Swissspacer, Multitech or similar profiles

  • Individually inserted frame parts are automatically joined and welded

  • Clean corners, therefor a proper butyl surface and minimal thickening

  • Interior view is identical to inserted corners without any deformities

  • High frame and dimensional stability

  • Automatic positioning of the welding head through online connectivity

  • Cycle times of under 30 seconds

Roweldo S

The Roweldo S was developed especially for entry into welding technology for spacer frames. With an average cycle time of approximately 45 seconds / frame, this frame welder is appropriate for production of up to 400 frames per shift. Additionally, the Roweldo S is the perfect complement to the Roweldo XL when manufacturing either very small or oversized spacer frames using a welding technique. Even spacers in special widths, for example when producing frames for door panels, can be welded.

The 1-head welding device is offered as a stand alone version or as an integrated version. The integrated version implements the welding device for ultrasonic welding in the cut to length production unit (Romillo). Installation is in the rear panel of the milling unit. The modular design allows the frame welding system to be expanded at any time and offers the insulating glass manufacturer the possibility to increase capacity at a later time.