Frame Filling

Here too we remain true to our principle: Flexibility! We offer our customers different options for subsequent frame filling. Deciding which system is best suited for the respective production layout is best determined in a personal consultation.


  • a hole is drilled into the back of the profile on the corner in two frame sides
  • automatically adjusts to the profile width SZR 6 -32
  • filling is supported by a slight positive pressure
  • filling is controlled by sensors or by time
  • automatic closure of the holes with butyl
  • 50 litre container volume
  • a performance kit with enlarged holes is optionally available
  • optionally available with a supplementary high suction device for a 200 litre container



  • The frame is bent on three corners on the bender,
  • fed into the filler and automatically filled with desiccant through the open profile cross section.
  • The fourth corner is bent on the filling machine,
  • and the frame is automatically closed.
  • The completed filled and closed frame is placed on an integrated buffer beam.
  • Approximately 50 frames can be temporarily stored here.
  • An optional high suction device for a 200 litre container, or BigBag, is also available.
  • With the RFA-V50, frame production and subsequent filling can be accomplished by one person.