Easy Marker EV

The sand-jet marking machines allow to carry out a permanent mark on the glass in a very cost-effective way and that’s why such technique is best performing and definitely preferable to laser and ink printing. Our automatic marking equipment EASYMARKER EV has been designed to be used in a vertical production line and it’s suitable for serial production. The logo can be carried out in different positions and at different heights, thanks to the fact that the steel mask (in which the logo is engraved) can be rotated and the position of the gun head can be adjusted by the operator. Moreover, the gun head is oscillating, in order to ensure the coupling with every vertical glass working machinery available on the market (bevellers, double edging machines, washing machines, tempering lines etc.). All these features enable to carry out the logo also on the edge of the glass. The EASYMARKER EV is a marking device that allows to speed up the marking process providing high quality of engraving for a non-fading logo. The machine is also equipped with an integrated timer that allows to optimize the production time and preserves the steel mask from premature wear. The aspirator connected to the Easymarker EV, called FP101, is equipped with a built-in dust filter and a container for abrasive material.


Tech Specs