Cutting, Milling & Drilling


Our range of saws offers customised solutions specifically for the production of glazing bars. Whether it be MGS or HAS, all glazing bar saws can be combined with the stop systems from R&R.

The R&R length stops can be left or right flange-mounted on the glazing bar saw. The stop system is individually scaleable depending on the bar production size. From sliding stops with a hand crank operation for small quantities to electronically controlled length stops for online automatic bar production.

Our Glazing Bar Saws

  • Infinitely adjustable from 90-45° or 90-180°

  • Easy handling with the spring assisted hub

  • Pneumatic clamp directly over the cut

  • Clamp can be adjusted away for cuts after a break

  • Virtually burr-free cutting due to the special saw blade

  • Wider cut allowing for simultaneous cutting of various profiles

R&R Stop Systems

  • Sliding stops for manual measurement setting

  • Hand crank stop with digital display

  • Motorised stop with data entry

  • Online data transfer for an online controlled bar production [Link to online controlled production]

  • For the electronically operated length stop, the contact surface is covered with perforated sheet metal to provide a safer environment for the operator and better chip removal.

  • Special plastic finish to protect the surface of the bar profile.

Glazing bar milling cutters

The success of the interior, visible glazing bar began with the introduction of the head milling technique in 1987 by R&R Sondermaschinen GmbH. Simple handling, high precision and great variety characterise the glazing bar milling cutters from R&R. We offer glazing bar milling cutters in many variants depending on the size of the bar production and the diversity in the bar profiles used. From simple, manually-guided milling cutters with only a profile-specific tool to a milling cutter with an intake of up to 10 bar profiles for simultaneous processing.

R&R glazing bar milling cutters

  • Milling cutters with manual feeders for for smaller projects

  • Milling cutters with corner milling and model assembly

  • Simple tool change

  • Milling cutters with up to 5 cutters on the tool spindle

  • Suitable for all standard glazing bar systems

  • Possible to switch between the various bar geometries within seconds

  • Multiple cutters for fast production

  • Up to 10 bars can be milled in a single pass

  • Centre clamping compensates for tolerances and ensures burr-free milling

  • Pre-capping is integrated into the glazing bar milling cutter

  • Powder-coated and laminated bar profiles can be processed together

Drill jigs and drills for glazing bars

For the R&R bar cross connection, it is necessary to drill a hole in the continuous bar for the connecting pin. We have developed a special drill especially for this purpose. In this twin-head drilling jig, the bar is first centred and clamped and then drilled precisely to the lateral wall of the bar profile. Only precisely aligned holes in the bar profile result in a perfect bar cross. We offer different models depending on the size of the glazing bar production.

R&R Glazing Bar Drill Jig

  • Semi-automatic single and twin-head drilling tables with manual measurement settings

  • Fully-automatic vertical twin-head drill jigs with electronic measurement settings

  • Special centre clamping guarantees a centre hole on all bars

  • No refitting for different bar dimensions

  • 2 drill heads work simultaneously

  • Ensures angularity and alignment of the holes drilled

  • Holes for bar t-connectors possible

  • Model drill jig for angle connections