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COUNTER-FLOW DRYER UMI-UMA Through-feed flat dryer for the flash off or drying of lacquers. Inside the dryer an optimum environment is guaranteed to ease the flash off or, if requested, to achieve the total drying of the lacquer layer. The system generates a controlled hot air flow, which goes along the work-piece surface in a counter-flow direction, thus opposite to the line feed. If required by the lacquer drying process, IR or TL lamps can also be installed inside the dryer hood. The length of the dryer is determined by the requested drying time combined with the required line speed; the dryer is therefore normally used in case of quite short flash off and drying times.

Advantages: – controlled air flow with a uniform distribution along the whole length of the dryer. – automatic temperature adjustment – more versions available with different air volumes, according to the required air speed. – air flow adjustable by inverter on request – possibility of installation of IR lamps – possibility of installation of low pressure TL lamps. – modular construction with a wide length range available.


Tech Specs