Buxtrup IG Production Line


The small WS800 insulating glass production line is suitable for the production of model panes with a straight
supporting edge. See below the full process:

  1. In-feed with manual washing station for washing off most noticeable dirt, e.g. after sand blasting the glass panels

  2. Washing and drying unit with brushes and dryer fan

  3. Washing machine discharge point used as air cushion buffer station

  4. Indirectly illuminated control station with automatically relocatable crossbar and manual frame fitting

  5. Interim buffer upstream of the gas filling unit used to reduce cycle times

  6. Gas filling unit with distance measurement system

  7. Discharges into rack

Operating with new 12inch HMI:

-Multiple adjustment options

-Many Applications, automatic program or manual input

– Easy handling at the Siemens TP 1200 Comfort


Tech Specs

The WS 800 is suitable for the production of multi-layered insulation glass with and without gas filling in sizes ranging from

180 x 100 mm to  800 x 2100 mm.

*Optional max dimensions on customer request