Brembana Speed Twin

Double your production with the Twin Head Speed horizontal CNC. Simply load two pieces of glass together onto the machine bed and they will be processed simultaneously. Effectively you are getting the output of two machines but only using half the factory floor space. The CMS Brembana Twin Head CNC has been designed to maximise production where repeat sizes are required for volume production. Traditional CNC’s simply have one grinding spindle that allows for one piece of work to be processed at a time. CMS Brembana have taken production to the next level by equipping a machine with two grinding spindles. This means the machine bed can be loaded with two pieces of work at the same time and then those same pieces are processed simultaneously. The result is twice the production from one CNC. For regular single items, the second head can be parked to one side. It’s a simple but very efficient concept and the low cost option is available on the range of Speed CNC work centres from CMS Brembana.


Tech Specs