Brembana Profile

The Brembana Profile is a complete vertical glass processing CNC work centre. It has 4 interpolated axes and 4 correction axes for executing milling, drilling, edge grinding and polishing. One of the main advantages of vertical processing over horizontal is shortened set-up times. The suction cups move to meet each piece of glass automatically no matter what the size of glass, allowing for the processing of large panes of glass. The thirteen position tool station (or optional 26) is located in the lower part of the machine, reducing the time it takes to change tools, which increases productivity.  It can also be used with the Brembana Vertec (for milling & drilling) to form a production line. The Brembana Profile is produced in a number of size options from a maximum workable length of 2000 to 7500mm & max workable height of 1600 to 3300mm.

brembana Profile.png

Tech Specs