Putsch Meniconi agency moves to Glass Machinery

The Glass Machinery Company continues to grow and we are delighted to announce acquiring the exclusive agency for Putsch Meniconi vertical saws. We are now the single point of contact for all sales, service, and spares in the UK and Ireland.

Putsch Meniconi manufacture one of the leading vertical saws for cutting multi-layered laminated glass, bullet resistant, security and fire glass. The automatic saw cuts in both the horizontal and vertical plane on thicknesses up to 70mm whilst the glass remains stationary, held on a solid steel welded frame. The saw head swivels through ninety degrees, eliminating glass handling and so minimising scratches. There is also now a separate inspection station that can be added to visually check for defects in the glass after cutting.

If you are an existing Putsch Meniconi customer, please feel free to call us on 01948 841574 regarding any issues that might arise. If you would like more information on Putsch Meniconi, please do contact us.