Viprotron wins Prestigious Glass Award!

Viprotron GmbH received this year’s “Most Innovative Machinery/Equipment in 2017” award from the US Glass Magazine for its unique Anisotropy Scanner. Each year, the US Glass Magazine nominates the most creative and innovative new products and applications, which are then evaluated by leading experts from all sectors of the glass industry.

“We are very proud to have won this prestigious award, as it honors our extensive innovation activities,” says Kai Vogel, Managing Partner of Viprotron GmbH.

The new Anisotropy Scanner measures and documents anisotropies online and directly when glass batches exit the tempering furnace.

This allows for an immediate, time-saving and efficient inspection of whether the agreed anisotropy levels have been achieved. These levels together with a total view of the glass are then automatically documented for the end customer. In addition, the visualized results can also be used to optimize the tempering process.

An optional White Haze channel is also available for the Anisotropy Scanner. It detects where white stripes become visible (due to the oven), to enable reworking them and adjusting the oven parameters accordingly.

Thus, the Anisotropy Scanner is not only a powerful tool for quality assurance, but also provides efficient support in optimizing tempering processes.