Lee Glass Invests with The Glass Machinery Company

Lee Glass Ltd, based in Nottingham is one of the Midlands’ largest glass processors with the family run business having a well established reputation for excellence. The company has been serving domestic and commercial customers throughout Nottinghamshire for more than 45 years. Having enjoyed continued growth over the last year, Lee Glass decided to invest in new processing machinery to increase production and The Glass Machinery Company were their supplier of choice.

The first machine on the shopping list was a horizontal washer. Globally recognized as one of the best glass washer manufactures in the market are the German company Benteler. Recognising the importance of this sometimes forgotten item of machinery, Managing Director, Martin Lee, ordered the Benteler TecWash 2500.

The model he chose has a modular design making it especially cost-effective as an alternative to customized, individual washing machines. There are three pairs of cylindrical brushes with a tank with a pump and heating for each washing section. It can clean and dry glass thicknesses from 1.5mm to 25mm at speeds of upto 5 mtr per minute. The washer also automatically measures and adjusts for different glass thicknesses. Additionally, Lee Glass purchased a water filtration system which cleans and recirculates the dirty water back into the machine, thus substantially reducing water usage. The compact design appealed to Lee Glass as a space saving concept, with the drying fan and cabinet being mounted inside the machine frame.

Martin comments, “Lee Glass has a proactive approach to production and we are always looking to improve efficiency and maintain a competitive edge. After evaluating the technical specification of the Benteler TecWasher and importantly, with the technical backup from The Glass Machinery Company, we decided it was the way forward and would help remove a bottleneck in our production. We are delighted with the results.”

Phil Birchall, Managing Director, The Glass Machinery Company comments, “Our customers know that we will endeavour to provide them with the right technical solution to ensure that manufacturing levels are only of the highest standards.  At Lee Glass we are confident of this with the high specification equipment that has been installed.”

And Martin’s second purchase? It’s a CMS Brembana horizontal twin headed CNC. Twice the production from one machine.

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