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Every business starts at some time and 2007 was the beginning for us. It’s taken a few years to evolve, several sleepless nights and after several tweaks along the way The Glass Machinery Company is now one of the best glass machinery suppliers in the UK.

We provide a comprehensive and professional service where we initially establish individual requirements then provide a fast, all-encompassing solution to meet customers needs.  We have first-class facilities and services including an experienced installation team who provide the highest standards in respect of installation, training and machine maintenance ensuring our customers receive a reliable and complete after-care service. The company boasts an impressive range of new glass machinery. Additionally we also offer separate installation, maintenance, breakdown and service packages to existing and potential customers. We are delighted to offer some of the best brands in the glass industry as you can see from the section below. These are truly World class manufacturers and the best at what they do. And we think that we are also the best at what we do. But it’s not just about work, business and profit. We’re also nice people to deal with.

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